Three Legendary Classic Cars from 1969

1969 was a banner year for classic car enthusiasts. In an effort to pay homage to a few of that year’s most notorious classic cars, we have compiled this top-three classic car of 1969 list:

1. Plymouth Road Runner: This highly sought-after classic won Car and Driver’s “Car of the Year” honor for 1969 and was a favorite due to its 426cc HEMI big-block engine. The ’69 Road Runner is often seen on the auction block in the mid five-figures and occasionally over the six-figure mark price-wise. The rarity of low-mileage, pristine Road-Runners is driving prices up as the thirst for its classic appeal fails to wane.

Plymouth Road Runner
2. Dodge Charger: This muscle car outsold the rest in 1969 with sales reaching into the six-figures; which, at the time, was a lot of sales for one model in a year. Those are pretty respectable sales figures, even by today’s standards. The car is commonly associated with its use in the iconic television show “Dukes of Hazard.”

Dodge Charger

3. Pontiac Firebird: 1969 was the Firebird’s second year on the market. Pontiac reinforced their commitment to the model by giving it a notorious facelift. With a new and memorable tough-guy design, the car began to dominate the streets. Even if you are too young to have been there for it, you have likely seen the black Pontiac Firebird outfitted with a golden bird decal on its hood. It is quite a very awe-inspiring sight to behold and it first made a debut in 1969.

Pontiac Firebird 1969
Regardless of whether you would have stopped at Dodge, Plymouth or Pontiac in 1969 to pick up a brand new ride, the classic cars market still favors all three.

Each vehicle offers its own unique form of appeal, niche-audience and price point. A Firebird can be had for less, but won’t turn heads like a Road Runner. Opting for a Charger settles the argument if a one-size fits all solution is needed. Which vehicle ultimately ends up in your garage is going to have everything to do with your particular tastes and budget.